What does the Rockyou Company do?

Many games today, especially those in mobile devices, have in-game advertisements that get mixed feedbacks from the vast sea of players. It might be annoying for some, but let's understand that this is just how companies do their work. One of the companies that are in this same zone of business is RockYou. What RockYou does is that it puts advertisements inside the games which rights they have already bought. After putting those advertisements into place, they re-distribute all of them - the games you might have on your device now.

The company has first set afoot on the industry in 2005 by Jia Shen and Lance Tokuda. It is currently based in California - more specifically, in San Francisco. They first introduced a service featuring slide shows which was supposed to act as a widget application. They traversed this path and made themselves known as the most triumphant developer of widgets placed on Facebook by December 2007. It ranged from games, text, voice mails and many more.

Earlier that year, May 2007, they were even invited by Facebook as it announced to the world that it will enable third-person companies to incorporate their programs within the renowned Facebook platform which is pretty eminent nowadays. However, due to its early rise, it wasn't able to update its security, leading to a breach that exposed 32 Million accounts of all its users which they weren't able to tell to them immediately.

On 2010, November, the CEO of the company had a change - from Lance Tokuda who was both a founder and current CEO back then to Lisa Marino who took the post on April 2011.

From 2010, RockYou has continued to acquire different developer studios and famous games which later resulted for them to receive an award for 'Best Social Games' from Mochi on 2011. It gained them investors and developers on its team which resulted to what we know of it today with Zoo World as its key-player.