The Advent Of Social Media Games - Where Did It All Get Started?

The video game industry and social media industry at the beginning both had an ability to satisfy and attract customers without any involvement from the other. Nowadays, the line separating the two seems to be getting thinner and thinner to the point where Social Media Games are now coming home to roost.

How exactly did things evolve to this point and how might gaming and social media rely on each other and interact all the more in the future? The first get-together of Social Media and Gaming was actually unintended and happened accidently, Social Media Games, was not a hidden agenda by either party.

It's true that marketing departments try to cultivate conditions where cross-promotions can take place and the early noises made between the two industries although like the beginnings of a 'first date', due to the overwhelming user response, ended up in a full blown 'love at first sight' relationship. The public had spoken and emphatically as well, they wanted this and wanted more of this now.

It all got started with Facebook taking on interactive browser-based games such as Mafia Wars, Zyga Poker and FarmVille. The purpose was to keep users engaged and still logged in. Using games seemed a very below the radar way to accomplish this, however what then happened was directly fuelled by the players, without any prompting. One of the most popular social media games is definitely roulette. If you need any help with how to play social media roulette and win, so you can save your time, money, and energy, we are happy to help.

The executives had not allowed for players competitive streaks to emerge to the forefront. Social media bods and gaming developers were quick to see it was not just a friendly rivalry between players, but more primal than that, it was the bragging rights that came with accomplishing high score tasks and reaching or surpassing a particular level.

Savvy marketers would now create 'Freemium Content'. This would allow everyone to play the game for free with the option of extra paid content for players wishing to up their game. It seized the imagination, and now being marketed multi-stream, it became impossible to ignore hot new titles as and when released. Are Social media games destined to continue? Well let's see, is Hollywood likely to stop moviemaking?