What Is A Social Network Game - How Popular Are They Becoming?

The world these days is very much in a game play mode. It's no longer all about getting home after work, and crashing on the sofa to watch a favorite sitcom, there is yet another attention seeker trying to capture everyone's attention, announcing the social network game.

As strange as it sounds and equally as unlikely, there are some folk who believe it or not do not even have a Facebook page, incredible isn't it? How could they ever be expected to get their head around a social network game? That would be a game of monopoly with business contacts perhaps, would it?

Nope, sorry to disappoint, not quite or even anything like it. What it actually is would be described as a browser game, however it can also be played on other such devices such as mobile phones. Aha, maybe the lightbulb is going off now for the more mature out there who aren't on Facebook, but do have a mobile phone. This could be interesting, how did this all come about?

Well the first cross-platform game was developed and created by a Finnish company called Star Arcade in 2011. Cross platform in this instance means utilizing Facebook and mobile. Incredibly this gave rise to a new phenomenon with several products attracting players by the millions.

Games such as Happy Farm, Green Patch, YoVille, Green Patch and Mob Wars were some of the first breed of this newly developed game genre. More would follow such as Mafia Wars, CityVille, Kantai Collection, Gardens of Time and FarmVille, these being some more recent examples that have sprung out of this new gaming sector called social network games.

How the TV networks are handling the drop in their TV ratings is anyone's guess. Still if everyone's happy playing their favorite game, nobody really cares. Besides, it solves that age old problem of people watching too much TV doesn't it? It can't be that bad then can it!