The Crowdstar - Facebook And Mobile Games Developer

Have you already heard of Facebook games like Happy Aquarium, It Girl, Wasteland Empires or even Happy Pets? If you have, then you'd definitely be surprised to know that all this games in Facebook fell from one developer - Crowdstar. This developer company has already made a variety of games for the Facebook platform, however, its greatness doesn't stop there. They also have expanded their services in different platforms for mobile devices - both in Android Devices and iOS devices, which only proves that they have a wide target range that makes their games better from the rest.

The company was given to life by its founders, Jeff Tseng and Suren Markosian. During its career on the Facebook platform, their games have garnered a stable monthly user base which are all active, giving it the cozy 4th place as one with the most active monthly players. It numbered to a whopping 31 Million Users in each passing day which will definitely give you a good glimpse of how incredible a company they are.

Due to their outstanding performance, other renowned companies have set their eyes on them - one of which is Microsoft. Microsoft laid down an offer to Crowdstar to acquire the entirety of the company for an astounding $200 Million which the developer declined.

They also experienced changes within their organization chart wherein on October 2012, its founder, Jeffrey Tseng, has step foot on the CEO platform, succeeding the recent CEO, Peter Relan, who earned the place just the year before - 2011.

Crowdstar also had some serious funding which included the $23 Million raised on May, year 2011 and the $11.5 Million from Venture Rounding Funds raised on the year afterwards - May 2012. Its success on the Facebook platform brought it to focus nowadays on serving mobile users with high-end games. It has stepped off from developing Facebook games, however, you could still play their previous games and even indulge on the new ones they'll make.