Social Slot Apps Review

To make some fun and vibrant gaming experience, try a slot machine. It has different themes and designs that players will definitely adore. Game developers have created a way to enhance the traditional slot machine. As a result, there is the rise of the social casino gaming that makes a game more exciting.

Social slot apps do not focus on betting real money, they rather focus on the gaming experience of the players. This kind of game does not need cash deposit from the players. Players are simply asked to create an account and enjoy the game. They can also socialize and compete with their friends via this slot apps. Below are some of the recommended social slot apps that players may try.


Slotomania showcases the true vibes of Las Vegas casino with its design and features. This game can be played online via Facebook. Players may also download and install the game on their iPhones, Android phones, iPads, and Windows phones.

There is no need to deposit payment because this game does not involves real money gambling. It is all about the fun of spinning the reels of different slot machines. This game will help the players be familiar on how slot machines work.

Players simply need to create an account in Slotomania to start spinning. Facebook users can even create an account by registering their FB accounts. Like the other slot machines, the Slotomania also gives its players some bonuses and rewards. There are wild, scatter, and bonus symbols that can trigger extra rounds of games.

myVegas Slots

Players who are looking for real rewards can try myVegas Slots. This app also features casino games as like how Las Vegas features them. This social slot app does not require real money, but players can get tangible rewards. Players can earn points which can be redeemed to get discounts in establishments such as Belliago, MGM Grand, Royal Caribbean, and many more.

This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and other app stores. Players can join the 3 million fans of myVegas Slots. It was also hailed as one of the Bests of 2016 by eGaming Review.

Slot machines featured in this app have colorful and attractive themes, where players can earn large jackpot prizes. There are also VIP program in the app so players can get special benefits.


Playtika is a social casino company that creates popular games. The creative minds behind this company have developed games like Slotomania, House of Fun, Bingo Blitz, Caesars Casino, and Vegas Downtown. All these games feature a thrilling casino vibe that players can indulge into. No money involved in betting on the casino games in this social casinos.

The company focuses on pure fun and play. They are one of the game developers who pioneered creating free casino games that can be played by everyone. Different casino games are offered in the site to fit different types of players in the gaming industry. Players who prefer strategy games can play blackjack or poker, while players who prefer animated displays and cool graphics may try slot machines.


If you have ever played FarmVille, then you probably heard about Zynga. Zynga is one of the leading game developers of social apps. Some of their famous titles are FarmVille, Words With Friends, and Speed Guessing.

This developer is also the one behind Zynga Poker, which is famous among casino players who love social apps. Poker fans can try different variants of poker through Zynga Poker. Different number of cards and number of players can be found in this app.

The company started developing high quality games in 2007. Zynga has been connecting friends in the online world from its headquarter in San Francisco. Millions of people are playing their game online for each day. Their games can also be accessed through Facebook and players are allowed to play with their Facebook friends.

Although social slot apps do not involve betting, the game developers can still earn money from these kind of games through the in-app purchases. During the game, players are given specific amount of credits that they can be played. When the players run out of credits, they need to wait for the next day to play again. However, players who are willing to spend money can buy additional credits to continue playing.

In addition, not all the levels are unlocked in the app. Players need to finish certain number of levels before they can access the other games. But it may take them several days before they can unlock such level. Sometimes, the social slot apps can offer players to buy deals to unlock the game they want. In such a way, developers can still earn money from the game.

In-app purchases are not the only source of income from the social slot apps. Developers can also show ads during the game and the advertisers pay the game developers certain amount. Nonetheless, it is still nice to have a free game to play.