Social Casino Games - Now Becoming Big Business For Game Makers!

The social casino games market continues to set the pace. To say that it is thriving would be somewhat of an understatement. Already established as one of the fastest growing game sectors across social networks, it is becoming apparent from various fields of data research, that a lot of this explosive growth is being driven by and coming from mobile platforms.

Just in 2013 alone, the projected combined revenues were close on $3 billion, and it would appear that the social casino games market has indeed benefited significantly not so much from the online high rollers but from the casual gamers globally.

For 2015, projected spend figures by global players across different platforms is now already approaching almost $4.5 billion and is broken down as follows:

2015 Global Spend Projections For Social Casino Games

North America: $1,146,000,000 Europe: $661,000,000 Asia: $521,000,000 Latin America: $320,000,000 Rest Of The Globe: $197,000,000

So What Next?

Just when one thought that the gaming world of the online casino had their own personal game nailed, a brand new segment within the industry not only emerges, but also grabs a brand new massive market segment, combined with a totally different audience and also varied game mechanics.

As with all totally new markets, there will be new challenges and opportunities to be faced head on and no doubt as with everything, it's very own personal hurdles to be overcome, with so many big industry players trying to get their intended market share, so they can too can capitalize on the current movements and get to coast in on this new wave.

They may not appear to get the attention of GungHo, King and Supercell along with some of the other top grossing publishers of games, yet the makers of social casino games carry a significant presence amongst the top revenue producing apps on Google Play and the iOS App Store. Big Fish Games made over 80% of their total revenue via the App Store, there's no reason to suggest, it should slow down either. Seems it's all part of the evolving world of gaming, isn't life grand!