Gamification: Gamify the Way You Live and Work

In any game, there's always a definite goal that a player must reach. These goals and achievements show how the player has improved and persevered. By achieving goals, they attain bonus items like free currencies for that game or any items that will act as sign for their accomplishment. This is one of the driving forces that keeps people of all ages play various games. As gamers have ridiculous amount of motivation, many also thought of what could happen if this motivation from playing could also be possible in some activities. Thus, the age of Gamification begins.

The first thing that you'd definitely think of when you hear the term gamification, is that it is to 'gamify' or turn something to a game. That's exactly what this term implicates. However, it is partnered with the total opposite of games which basically embodies 'fun' - business and various working companies.

Many people get to work just because they need to in order to survive, however, for a company to succeed and rise from its rank, it's empirical that the employees work hard too. What better way to make them more motivated than turn them into players of your own game, right? Although gamification is also used in various applications, the most imminent application it has today is in various working companies.

The idea is to give rankings, accomplishments and alike to their employees or even customers when they reach a certain requirement. This will definitely give them the motivation to work hard and earn themselves some title, badges or any other prizes that their company may have laid out for them.

Gartner, a renowned research company, even predicts that this process will reach a whopping 70% total of all services being gamified for the purposes that may be for marketing or to retain customers through loyalty prizes. It will not only help motivate the workforce but it will also help keep the customer which your company may already have. The benefits of gamifying the services and processes of a company is vast and it'll surely change the industry for the better.